What is Cashtivity?

Cashtivity is a digital library of math-problem based learning Challenges for middle school grades that students and teachers both find engaging and inspiring. Each Challenge is standards based and lead students through a real-world problem they can relate to while strengthening their math and higher order reasoning skills.

We're growing!

Cashtivity is a lean modern technology and data driven company, producing learning products to enliven the entrepreneurial spirit, mindset and skills of a generation, from K-12 through life's stages.  Our team is made up of key technology development talent, top educators and leading advisors located world wide. We rely on their input to make Cashtivity a powerful experience for students bringing all the curiosity, enthusiasm and validity that project based learning in math has to offer. From Boston, USA to Melbourne Australia, our team is connected by a common goal: to revolutionize, change and improve today's learning.

The Cashtivity team is devoted to cutting edge, personalized and collaborative technology for teachers and students, so that we can understand how real world contexts can work for teachers and students.

Since our first day, we’ve engaged and beta tested Cashtivity with a diverse group of K-12 educators, technology developers and advisors from all over the world. From the West Coast to East Coast of the USA, to schools in Australia and Mexico, we’ve watched both students and teachers alike connect with our team to learn more.

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