What we do

Cashtivity is a new way for students to develop the enthusiasm, mindset and skills to succeed in and outside the classroom. Cashtivity offers a collaborative and student-centered approach to learning, where students are in the driver's seat.

Math is the best starting point to bring project-based learning to life. It’s the foundation for success as an active, well-rounded participant of the 21st century: it’s essential in business, in work and in life. Working through real world, entrepreneurial scenarios, students create their own personalized learning data that is social, authentic and relevant.  Teachers finally have a convenient and effective tool for bringing real world context to their lessons, helping students reach their learning goals in math.

We believe in student agency

We believe in creating a new generation of learning technology that puts student agency first. When students create their own learning material with Cashtivity, they develop a growth mindset. And when they do this, they work hard to learn more and get smarter, accelerating the learning process. By being treated as a partner in this process, students strengthen their own learning abilities, become more enthusiastic and hard working, and take charge of their success. By ensuring that learning is available to students of all abilities, locations and socio-cultural backgrounds, we enable dynamic, collaborative interactions between educators, parents and students.  

This work, and our belief in the power of lifting the entrepreneurial capacity of every student, has laid the foundation for bringing Cashtivity to market.

We're growing!

The Cashtivity team is devoted to cutting edge, personalized and collaborative technology for teachers and students, so that we can understand how real world contexts can work for teachers and students.

Since our first day, we’ve engaged and beta tested Cashtivity with a diverse group of K-12 educators, technology developers and advisors from all over the world. From the West Coast to East Coast of the USA, to schools in Australia and Mexico, we’ve watched both students and teachers alike connect with our team to learn more.

Cashtivity is a lean modern technology and data driven company, producing learning products to enliven the entrepreneurial spirit, mindset and skills of a generation, from K-12 through life's stages.  Our team is made up of key technology development talent, top educators and leading advisors located world wide. We rely on their input to make Cashtivity a powerful experience for students bringing all the curiosity, enthusiasm and validity that project based learning in math has to offer. From Boston, USA to Melbourne Australia, our team is connected by a common goal: to revolutionize, change and improve today's learning.

Our Partners