Design a Logo

As a graphic designer, this is your big chance to create a new logo for a world famous company.

To do this, you’ll identify and work with geometric shapes including rotations, translations and reflections that move one congruent shape to another. Then, you’ll develop a new logo using transformations and congruent shapes.

Grade 8  |  Geometry |  Time: 55 minutes
Common Core State Standards: 8.G.A.2
Careers: Arts, Media & Entertainment



What is a logo?

Learn what a logo is and see how shape transformations are used to create some famous brand logos.

illustrations for challenges - squarespace_logo 2.png


Identify 3 types of transformations used by logos: reflection, rotation, translation

- What is the congruent shape/s in the Under Armour logo?

- Can we identify the transformations in the BMW logo?

- Study the patterns in 3 other famous logos.


Design your own logo 

Poll the class to decide which new logo you’ll create. You'll be proposing a new logo for the Kraft Heinz Company. Then get to work to create a shape & transformations to create a logo.


BONUS LEVEL: Time to advise a football league  how to improve their logo.

Apply math concepts in real-world scenarios. Build critical thinking and reasoning skills. 
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