Real world challenges for success

Our challenge library helps teachers engage hard-working, enthusiastic and persistent students who love to learn.

What is a math challenge?

Our standards-aligned math challenges come as part of a packaged series, all available by year level. They feature real world business scenarios that are relevant in day-to-day life.

Each series is made up of 8 challenges, and each series focuses on a single math topic – percentages, fractions or currency conversion. These challenges create an engaging, hands-on experience that compliments what they’ve already learned in the classroom. Each challenge incorporates student-generated data that they produce themselves, creating a highly personalized, collaborative and fun learning experience.

Standards-aligned and supplementary

We’ve worked hard to bring you a learning resource to help your students improve their math literacy and cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset. All of our challenges have been authored by a panel of experienced and esteemed educators, so that they’re standards-aligned and supplement the core standards.

Motivated students achieve more with a growth mindset

Our challenges are designed to help foster a growth mindset. When students have a growth mindset over a fixed mindset, they take control of their learning process in the classroom. They become more motivated to understand math concepts and exert effort, and feel enthusiastic to complete challenges.

Make math relevant with our ready-to-go challenges

Cashtivity’s online library hosts math challenges authored by our Master Educators, based on a variety of real world business scenarios. When you log in, you’ll easily be able to filter challenges by grade level and math topic to meet your students’ learning goals.

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