+ What is Cashtivity?

Cashtivity is a simple innovative way to teach & learn math through entrepreneurial challenges on our digital platform. Cashtivity is a collection of interactive, collaborative entrepreneurial challenges and project based learning courses for middle school students, to strengthen their math and life skills as part of their education. Cashtivity challenges also provide cross curricular skills in ELA and Computer Science as well as various other topics like technology, nutrition and sports. All Challenges are hosted on Cashtivity’s dynamic learning platform which streams learning instructions and student generated content in a simple, intuitive way, just like your favourite social stream.

+ Why did Cashtivity decide to focus on math?

There is a need for real world math to motivate and encourage students; math is also a fundamental skill in business and life in general.

+ How do I differentiate?

Differentiate through student groups. Organise students into groups according to strengths & skill levels. You can provide extension questions to advanced student groups or contact us ( to request questions.

+ Does Cashtivity support learning in other areas than math?

Yes! Cashtivity supports learning in many different areas, like science, nutrition, and music, through real life challenges within all kinds of professions. Take a look at our challenge bundles to see the different cross curricular skills each challenge contains for yourself! Additionally, Cashtivity improves Computer Science and Project Based Learning skills.

+ Do I need to know how a business should be operated to use Cashtivity?

No, we use simple expressions like cost, profit and tax. There is no need for you as a teacher to be very business oriented to use Cashtivity. The challenges are specifically designed to be understood by all, and when business terms are used there will be provided a definition as well.

+ How can the challenges be used in class?

Cashtivity can be used to help review, introduce math skills or test math skills. It is meant to be used as a supplement for teachers and will help students to understand real life challenges.

+ Is Cashtivity Project Based Learning?

Yes! From Cashtivity’s research, teachers have a need for tools that provide content that teachers can teach in their own way during a 45 min class period. Our model for project based learning is designed to fill this void in the classroom. For example, students will learn how to negotiate Steph Curry's next contract using math skills directly linked to their math class.

+ How much does it cost?

Cashtivity is free to start. Our middle school bundle of challenges which is standards aligned will be released during the Fall. Please contact us at for more details.

+ What is a lesson?

A lesson is the same as one single Cashtivity challenge. Most challenges take about 45 minutes or one class period. There will also be shorter 5 minute and 15 minute challenges, coming soon!

+ What do the students see when they log in?

The students have their own profile when logging in with their email and can access old or new challenges if an access code has been provided. If they do not log in with an email address, but only use the code, they are immediately sent to the specific challenge stream they have the code for.

+ Do I need training to use Cashtivity?

No, simply follow our quick start guide here, and you are ready to go!

+ What is the framework for the challenges?

Cashtivity has created the Build-A-Business framework that is designed to let students play and practice across 5 major areas or steps of real world business activity; creating ideas, working with customers, planning the business’ products, selling and banking. The 5 steps represent the typical phases you have to go through when developing a business. You can read more about the 5 steps to build a business in our Build-A-Business Framework.

Account & Setup

+ What do I need to use Cashtivity?

Cashtivity can be universally accessed through any modern Internet browser . It is best used on laptops, Chromebooks and iPads. We are working hard to ensure that it can be accessed on mobile browsers too.

+ How do I invite students & teachers to Cashtivity?

By providing them with our website link,, they can easily create their own accounts by using their own email address, through Gmail or Office 365. If they do not have an email address they can easily enter a challenge when provided with a code or alternatively, use a facebook account to log in.

+ Do I need to create accounts for my students to log in with?

No, but students are recommended to login with a school email address so their progress can be saved to their profile.

+ I forgot my password, what do I do?

Simply click on “Forgot Password?” and an email will be sent to you so you can reset your password.

Teacher Tools

+ What are the functionalities for me as a teacher?

  1. As a teacher you have the possibility to manage students (decide who has access to a challenge).
  2. View student activity (view the streams the students are working on and see their collaboration).
  3. Delete student posts (if you would like to delete something in a stream it is easily done).


+ What do the students learn from these kind of challenges?

By using Cashtivity challenges, the students learn how to work together and achieve completion by making decisions as a business/entrepreneurial thinker. Skills as ability to define choices, filter and prioritize ideas, present a compelling entrepreneurial case, listen and understand, communicate, make predictions, reflect, analyze data and conceptualize, assess, formulate and select questions for surveys are among the things the students will be learning. Financial and business related vocabulary will also be expanded. In essence the students will be able to evaluate real life situations.

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+ Why is this better than regular learning?

Studies show that hands on learning is more effective than lecturing; Cashtivity is interactive, so you’ll learn more this way, and it’s more fun!

+ Can I use Cashtivity alone?

Cashtivity is designed for small group collaboration, so it works best while in the classroom or in another group setting. However, you can also do it alone or as a whole class.

+ Is it just for math?

Right now, yes. We’re hoping to expand into more courses soon!

+ How long does it take?

Most challenges take about 45 minutes or one class period. There are also shorter, 5 minute, and 15 minute, challenges coming soon!

+ What do I get out of it?

Cashtivity helps to build math skills and learn new math skills through interactive challenges and collaboration. Learning math through real world challenges helps develop life skills and opens up opportunities.

+ Do I have to pay?

No! The first 3 challenges are completely free, you just need an access code. After that, the remaining lessons are available for purchase.

Account & Setup

+ What do I need to use Cashtivity?

Castivity is designed for all electronics with internet access. (i.e: laptops, desktops, smartphones, tablets, etc.)

+ How does it work?

Your teacher will start a challenge and give you a code. You then type in your email and that code and you’re in! Anyone who types in that code will be participating in the same challenge as you. You then work together to develop business ideas while using relevant math skills.

+ Do I need to give my email or make an account?

You should login with your email so your progress can be saved to your profile; however, if you dont have an email, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

+ What if I don’t have an email?

All you have to do is type in the access code provided by your teacher, select an avatar, and you’re in! The only downside is that if you close the window and come back to the challenge later, you’ll have to enter with a new avatar.


+ Who can see the comments I write?

Everyone with the access code for your challenge can see everything you post and write in the comments.

+ What’s the bell in the top right corner for?

The bell is to show you if you have any notifications; for example, if somone shares a poll with you, then a “1” will appear next to the bell.

+ Why do responses appear above the instructions?

What your seeing is just like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or any other social media outlet; you scoll down to see older posts, and more recent ones show up at the top of the page.


+ I’m confused, what do I do?

Don’t worry! Cashtivity has buttons strategically placed if you need help; if you’re confused at any point you can click on the “idea” button, then click on the question mark on the right. When you click on the question mark, it will give you 3 ideas that either you could use, or you could use as inspiration! Also, you can always post a message or comment and ask your teammates what to do next.

+ How do I create a graph?

You can either draw a graph by hand, snap a photo, and upload it, or you can use a program such as Excel or Google Charts to create a graph. When using a digital tool, take a screenshot of your graph to upload.

+ Why does it scroll to the top while I’m working?

If the challenge scolls up it means someone else in your challenge has posted something in the live stream.

+ How come a new instruction appeared before I was done typing?

If the bot instructs you to create 3 ideas, it means that the next instruction will not appear until 3 ideas are generated. If you’re still creating an idea when the next instruction appears you can continue to work on your idea and then post it whenever you’re ready!

+ Can I edit things I’ve already posted?

For now you can only delete things you’ve posted. Editing is coming soon!

+ Who sees the polls I post?

Anyone in your class who is working on the same challenge as you can see the polls you post, even if they’re in a different stream.

+ Can I create a poll even if someone else already did?

The people in your challenge can create as many polls as they want, regardless of whether a poll has already been created. Just make sure your question hasn’t already been polled?

+ What does “Generate Random Results” mean in polls?

If you’re doing a challenge by yourself, for example, and want to have random data from your poll, you can click the “Generate Random Results” button and the bot will vote randomly
so you can finish the challenge.

+ Can I make my own challenges?

Not right now. Soon you’ll be able to do that and more!

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