Global Math Project

We're proud to partner with James Tanton in bringing to life a series of four wonderfully delightful learning Challenges based on the Piles & Holes puzzles, a sequel to the famous Exploding Dots. The Piles & Holes Challenges are aligned to middle school standards.

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Piles & Holes

Part 1: Digging

What happens when you combine sand piles with other sand piles. Piles with holes? Holes with holes? In this challenge we'll find out!

Part 2: It's Raining Opposites

You discovered how to add piles in the first piles and holes Challenge. Now, let’s see what else we can learn about piles and holes!


Part 3: Collecting & Sorting

What happens when you group collections of piles and holes together? Find out how to use parentheses to communicate with piles and holes!

Part 4: Evaluating

Now that you've learned all about piles and holes, let's practice simplifying groups of piles and holes in different ways!


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