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Setting up your class is easy, and only takes a few minutes.


Bring context to your students instantly.

Cashtivity Challenges finally give you a way to instantly open up mathematical discussion and debate, engage students in problems with rich context and real world application which traditional, conceptual math teaching is hard to do. Immerse your students in real world situations they instantly relate to & watch their learning lift off!


Level up your whole class & more.

Bring out the best in your teaching through these self-paced Challenges designed for classroom collaboration. Whether you prefer to teach by pairing up your students, have them work in small teams or engage the whole class together, we have you covered.


Set up is a snap.

Select a challenge and issue a class code to your students. It's that easy!


Empower student voice & choice. 

With Cashtivity Challenges, students are active learners. Polling and anonymous class answer boards support students to voice their ideas & preferences and compare with peers. When their voice is heard, student ownership of their learning opens new learning pathways and  amazing creative possibilities.


Individualise learning.

Using a modern, beautiful self-paced format with bonus levels to provide instant differentiation, students complete their computations and use their preferences to reason and prepare recommendations. This method of Individualising learning while collaborating creates powerful critical thinkers.


Hear what other teachers are saying

“The interface is easy to use... Our 7th grade students loved the tone and context in which problems were framed”

Wilson Tsang PHD, Cabrillo Middle School, Santa Clara, California


"We love Cashtivity and the work you do. You are creating exciting learning experiences. Our teachers are actively teaching with the Challenges bringing in real-world application and context!"

Meg Stowe, Director of Innovation, Rocky Hill School, East Greenwich, Rhode Island

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