Bialik College

Bialik College is a Harvard Partner School, lead by Jeremy Stowe-Lindner (Principal) and Ian Poyser (Deputy Principal & Head of Middle School). Its Harvard-aligned curriculum and collaborative approach is deliberately flexible, encouraging students to delve deeply into topics they find engaging and take responsibility for their academic success. Andrea Miller is the Year 8-9 teacher that runs Bialik's Build a Business elective using Cashtivity.

Geelong Grammar School

Geelong Grammar is an International K-12 school located in Victoria focused on inspiring its students and community to flourish and positively making a difference through unique and transformational education adventures. Teachers, Richard Munro and Jacqui Moses have brought inquiry based learning into their classrooms through the development of student run businesses for a market day sale.

St Albans Meadows Primary

Dan Martinez is an Apple Distinguished Educator with over 12 years’ experience as a classroom teacher and technology coordinator. As a passionate IT curriculum leader, he developed and implemented the use of iPads for learning at St Albans Meadows Primary in Melbourne. He now teachers at St Hilda's College in Queensland and maintains his elearning blog.

Williamstown North Primary School

Williamstown North Primary School is a dynamic and inclusive learning community that promotes personal excellence, creativity and empowerment. The school places high value on its rich heritage and the interaction with the broader community through its school programs. With the support of their teachers, Simon Radford and Caroline Reed, the Year 6 students funded their graduation as part of a financial literacy unit using Cashtivity to create and sell products and services to their school community.