Brainstorming: Conversing and Collaborating About New Ideas

Students will brainstorm a list of ideas then record and organize them. They will be encouraged to converse and collaborate with their peers.

Brainstorming: Making a Decision on a New Idea

Students will understand the importance of making decisions as a group. They will discuss ideas generated, decide on a new idea as a team and present their product idea to their classmates.

Learning to Compromise: Giving and Receiving Feedback

Students will have an understanding the value of compromise and how it affects team dynamics. They will give constructive feedback and practice listening to feedback from peers.

Exploring the Marketplace: A Focus on Demographics

Students will understand the importance of examining a marketplace and demographics. They will identify and describe their potential customers, and explain how it applies to sales.

Creative Product Naming: Amazing Alliteration

Students will have an understanding of the importance product naming has on the attractiveness and marketing of their product. They will develop names for their products using alliteration.

Making a Pitch: Using Persuasive Speaking Skills

Students study examples of sales pitches and analyze what makes a good pitch. They will then prepare a pitch for their own products, present to a group and evaluate their peers.

Mastering Math Vocabulary: Using Banking Terms

Students will understand the meaning of different banking terms, write about learning experiences using banking terms and include them in their conversations.

Let's Get Creative: Product Package Design

Students will view a variety of package designs, brainstorm ideas for the product package design then create the packaging.