Join innovative schools like Cabrillo STEM Middle School in Santa Clara and Silicon Valley Education Foundation's 49ers STEM labs who are teaching math through creative real-world problem solving.


What is Cashtivity?

Cashtivity is a digital library of math problem-based learning Challenges for middle school grades that students and teachers both find engaging and inspiring. Each Challenge is standards based and lead students through a real-world problem they can relate to while strengthening their math and higher order reasoning skills.

Challenges can be used to introduce a subject, as an added activity when learning a subject, or reinforce skills already learned. They're a perfect supplement to your math curriculum and as a foundation into your STEM program.

Pilot Program

  • Eight Challenges for the 2017/2018 school year; use one per month or per your schedule.
  • Access to the entire Cashtivity library & any new Challenges created in the school year.
  • Each Challenge is standards aligned for middle school.
  • Easy to use on any computer.
  • Full teacher guides provided.
  • Inspired to create your own Challenges? Use Cashtivity's Challenge Creator tool to turn your lesson into an interactive Challenge.

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✓ $199 per class (2 classes minimum)
✓$299 per teacher for support (email, phone, online)

IF your school has budgetary issues but you would be really excited to try Cashtivity - please email

Our students, 7th graders loved the tone and context in which the problems are presented, and the interface is easy for students to use.
— Cabrillo STEM Middle School, Santa Clara