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Are you an educator passionate about engaging students in math & science? Cashtivity is all about helping students to experience real world situations as they develop proficiency. If you're already doing this you're an excellent teacher!

Bring your lessons to life with our Challenge Creator; an authoring system that turns your lesson plans into an interactive digital format for your class.


Master Educator, Stephanie Conklin, shares her Challenge writing journey! 
PhD in  Mathematics & Technology Education
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Why participate?

Have the award winning team at Cashtivity develop your lesson plan into an inspiring interactive Challenge that your class can engage with. We'll be rewarding submissions with a $50 Amazon gift card. The top 5 Challenges will receive an additional $50 Amazon gift card and authors of all published Challenges will be invited to join our Master Educators Program and be eligible to earn royalties for their Challenges.

To promote the spirit of collaboration and sharing amongst teachers who love to create, all submissions, including one of Cashtivity's existing award winning Challenges, will be available to participants via a shared folder.

We are excited to partner with the team at Cashtivity to drive excellence in STEM outcomes via their innovative real world challenges.
— Anthony Salcito, Vice President, Education, Microsoft Corporation



How it works

  1. Register your interest and receive updates.
  2. Watch the video to learn about Cashtivity's Challenge Creator template as an author.
  3. Copy/Download the writing template.
  4. Create your Challenge using the template. If you need some inspiration, click here for a list of ideas.
  5. Fill in the submission form below with a link to your Challenge.


  • Lessons must be around a STEM concept and be aligned to one or more state standards.
  • Use a real world scenario. Be authentic. Write for your students!
  • Be sure the Challenge will take no longer than 45min (1 class) - 90min (2 classes) for students to complete.

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